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Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for your reference.

◎About Lessons 

■Is it okay if I don’t speak Spanish at all?
Yes. Rest assured. 
All of the teachers at Spanish Online are Spanish education professionals who have a great deal of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. 
Even if you don’t speak Spanish or English at all, lessons can be taught via Skype chat, gestures and drawings. 
As a first step, we invite you to experience our Free-Trial lessons. 

■How do lessons begin?
Log in to Skype five minutes prior to the beginning of the lesson. Acknowledge “Add Contact” request (press “Add Contact” button on Skype) from your teacher and standby. 
※It gives you extra peace of mind to “Add Contact” of the Skype ID of your teacher prior to the lesson. This information is contained in the confirmation email. 
When it is time to start the lesson, you will receive a call on Skype from your teacher. 
There will be two buttons displayed on the screen – “Accept” and “Decline”. Click “Accept” and begin your lesson. 

■Tell me about the contents of the lessons
Spanish Online provides customized lessons based on the level of fluency and specific requests of our students. 
Lessons are primarily taught in Spanish with supplementary usage of simple English. 
Write down what you would like to study (conversation practice, grammar, vocabulary etc.) when signing up for lessons so you can focus on learning those areas during your lesson.
For those who wish to proceed from basics to systematic learning, you may consider taking lessons with the same teacher so that you can steadily progress from grammar to key vocabularies and phrases. 

■Do I need to prepare my own textbooks?
Not really. 
Teachers would send Word and PDF formatted lesson materials free of charge to students via Skype. You may also be utilizing other free online lesson materials. 

■Where are the teachers from?
Teachers are Guatemalans living in Guatemala and Spaniards living in Spain.

◎About Lesson Fee
■Does it cost money to register, become a member? Do I have to pay for textbooks?
No. There is no need. 

■Do I have to pay phone bills or communication fees to take lessons? 
There is no additional charge besides what you are currently paying for your existing internet providers. 

■Is it okay for two people to share one account? 
No, you may not. 
In order to manage the learning progress of students at Spanish Online, only one user can use the account. 

◎About Lesson Reservation 
■How many lessons can I reserve at one time?
As many as you want. 
In addition, you can even reserve two consecutive lessons (50-minute session) or three consecutive lessons (75-minute session) with the same teacher. 
Especially for beginners to challenge themselves with new grammar, we recommend taking two consecutive lessons. 

■Can I cancel a lesson?
Yes. After logging in, you can cancel a lesson via “Confirm/Cancel your Scheduled Lesson” on the left-hand side menu. 
A lesson can be cancelled five hours prior to the start time. 
Please be aware that a lesson cannot be cancelled within five hours prior to the start time and one lesson will be deducted from your account. 

■Can I reserve and cancel lessons on smartphone?
Yes, you can. 

■Are there holidays?
Basically, lessons are offered every day. Lessons are not offered on certain days of the year including New Year’s Day, Easter, Christmas and other holidays in Guatemala. 
Rest assured that lesson schedules are posted on our Homepage. 


■The call cannot be connected. What should I do?
First, complete a test call on Skype. 
If your test call goes through properly, it is possible that the connection problem may come from your teacher.
Please notify Spanish Online Customer Support (Skype ID: sol-support). 
If sol-support is online, they will brief you on the situation via email. 
If the investigation indicates that the connection problem indeed came from your teacher, an extra ticket will be offered as compensation at a later day. 

■I can’t find the chat box. Where is it?
If you click on the balloon button (blue in color) in the middle of the Skype window, the chat box will appear. 

■Can I still take the lesson if I am late to the start time?
Yes, you can. 
In such event, please initiate the call from your end. 
In addition, the lesson cannot be extended to make up for the portion of time that you missed. 

■It is past the start time for the lesson but the teacher hasn’t called
Due to Skype or other technical issues, it is possible that sometimes the teacher may not be able to connect the call with you. 
In such case, please initiate the call from your end. 
The Skype ID of your teacher is included in the automatic confirmation email sent to you upon reservation. 

■Connection from the teacher was so bad that I was able to take the lesson for only 15 minutes. 
If the lesson lasted for less than twenty minutes due to circumstances in your teachers, the points will be issued entitling you to a compensation lesson upon your request (the same goes for your free-trial lesson). Should this happen, we ask that you get in touch with Customer Support via Skype or email to provide details on the situation. 


■Is it possible to take lessons on smartphone?
Please install Skype for your smartphone or Tablet PC ahead of time. 

■Where can I buy headset and web camera?
You can buy them at electronic stores.
You can also buy them at Amazon and other online shops.

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